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We adapt a detailed approach in every project. Starting from coding, interface design, content creation till the online marketing of the website.

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We have years of experience in the field of web design, web development, SEO and IT Support. We adapt a detailed approach in every project. Starting from coding, interface design, content creation till the online marketing of the website. We are proud to have a team of experienced and well-trained resources.

Our goal is to grow your business online, so that it ranks high on the search engines. Also, making sure it’s easier to navigate, eye-catching and providing useful information. For years, we have helped our clients with optimizing their website. We provide support to retain existing visitors and impress first time visitors. Visitors on well maintained website feel the urge to explore more


WebsFix Services

Web Design

We develop creative and simple web designs. Websites are tailor made as per requirements of client. We have years of experience in web design and development.  A well-built website can increase the visibility of your business to more wide market. It’s the face of your business on internet. Also, it’s the tool to be contact with customers.

Web Development

According to a Google research 35% of the websites lose their leads because of average web design and development. Whether it’s a simple website, e-commerce project, SEO campaign or web maintenance we always finish the job with the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Web Maintenance

Visitors only return to your site if it’s maintained and updated regularly. We understand it takes a lot of time and effort. So, let us keep your site fresh, attractive and secure while you do your business. On regular basis we review the website and verify full functionality. During the process all issues are reported and resolved. All maintenance and upgrades of website are scheduled.


We follow the best organic SEO practices. SEO is directly linked to your business profit. WebsFix makes sure that you get maximum profit with our effective SEO practices. Only genuine traffic through organic SEO ensures revenue to the business. Your business visibility in the top search engines is the key of our SEO Services.

IT Support

Our affordable technical support can overcome technical hurdles at your work place and increase productivity. They can resolve all kind of IT issues of your employees/customers and answer all their technical questions. We use all communication channels to provide support i.e. online chat, e-mail, Team-viewer, GoToMeeting or telephone.

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